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Personal Information Processing Agreement

We only need your personal information to send the parcel. But for legal reasons we need an official permission from you to store and process it.

Personal Information Processing Agreement

In keeping with the Russian Federation law № 152-ФЗ, “On personal information” (27.07.2006), I hereby agree to grant the staff of the rights to process my personal information without restriction and use it in the ways described in Section 3.1.3 of the Russian Federation law № 152-ФЗ, “On personal information” (27.07.2006). I hereby also confirm that I grant this permission freely, acting of my own will and interests.

I grant this permission in order to receive the services provided by

The information that will be processed is as follows:

I hereby permit this information to be:

The information can be processed either procedurally or manually. The staff of is not limited in any way in choosing the way of processing said information.

This agreement remains in action until a written claim is sent to the staff of The claim can be either sent by a double registered letter or delivered personally to an authorized representative of against signed ackonwledgement.

Upon receiving such a claim, the staff of is obliged to stop processing the data of the claimant and delete all their information from the database, including the digital one, save for the full name.

I understand that putting a “V” mark to the left of the phrase “I agree to the terms of the Personal Information Processing Agreement” below this box means that I agree to them.